Vegetal Source | Natural Product

Adjuvant type: adhesive spreader and emulsifier.


Indications of use: antifungal, antibacterial and repellent potentiator.

Nano Agro Power is an agricultural adjuvant composed by an exclusive mix of vegetal oils encapsulated in biodegradable and biocompatible nanoparticles.

Due to its unique formulation, with different natural ingredients, the product has a versatile application, enhancing the protection and health that your plants need. 

It has adhesive spreading and emulsifying action that, in addition to eliminating the barriers that reduce the applicated products absorption, also improves the distribution and penetration of the active ingredients in the vegetable surface, increasing the products spreading and allowing great plant coverage.

Available packaging: 1L and 5L.

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Insumo apropriado para uso na produção orgânica. Utilização condicionada aos critérios de cada regulamento orgânico conforme respectivo Atestado emitido. Inspecionado pela Ecocert.